Inzaghi was a part of Eriksson’s Lazio 20 years ago, the one that took away the Juventus championship at the last dive of 90s, coloring the beginning of the millennium in white and blue.

He knows how to do it and must have inculcated it well in heads of his players, even if he superstitiously refuses to pronounce the word “scudetto”, even after having triumphed on a minefield like of Genoa, in the presence of a revitalized team, never taming until 3 -2 at final and that in the last 4 games, of which 3-away, Lazio had collected 8 points.

He must have explained it perfectly, because from victory to victory, in a useful series that has reached 20 games, 16 hits, 4 draws and a last prehistoric setback, because dated September 25, his team touched the heaven combining quality and competitive spirit, maturity and awareness.

On a Sunday in which football is forced to stop, Lazio does not touch the brake in the slightest: on the contrary, with two burning moments at the start of the game – with the advantage signed by Marusic (the third fastest goal this year in Serie A) – and in start of recovery – with the 2-0 branded by Immobile – lays the foundations for holding on to Juve and continuing to cultivate the dream.

Genoa, for Inzaghi, represented as an important crossroads, one of those stages in which the exaggerated “Lazietta” was occasionally lost. Yesterday, only substance, in addition to the technique (when you line up Luis Alberto, Milinkovic, the breakwater Leiva and the sniper Immobile), and what motivate: the desire to win by a team that believes in the championship.

A formation that discovers that it also has second lines up to par: Marusic has struck and Vavro, after returning from the after two and a half months, has covered the shadow of the indispensable Acerbi (he did not miss a race from 27 January 2019, for disqualification), Jony did not regret Lulic, Patrie played as a veteran, Cataldi enchanted on a free kick.

“The squad is right,” – comments Inzaghi. Translated, net of the cabal, it means that it is a league title, even if at the beginning of the season Juve seemed an alien and even Inter seemed out of competition.

But then it came the field, (the bianconeri were beaten twice (also the triumph in the Super Cup), Inter’s defeat at the Olimpico), for ability to resolve the matches in extremis or to close them immediately. And the comebacks, a sign of stubbornness of a team that slips with pleasure in the records (Lazio had never scored so many points in 25 stages, 10 more than in 2000), until he realized that with 13 more stages (three key tests, in Turin, Bergamo and Naples) has already reached the final share (59) of the swinging Lazio last year.

A group that plays by heart, because in the summer it changed little but a revolution was created inside. Luis Alberto is no longer just the king of assists but the recoverer of balls and, with Genoa on the attack, in the fiery recovery minutes, the whole heel and sole Milinkovic became median without losing his genius. In addition it have Immobile, (27 goals in 25 games as only Angelillo in 1959), Higuain’s record (36) increasingly within reach.

Genoa, Cassata and Criscito in defend did the maximum. But it was not enough.

Adam Marusic led the way for the three points against Genoa. In the first real assault, the Montenegrin outside brought Lazio ahead. A striker shot to finalize a sprinter shot. «We played against a strong team. We scored after two minutes and played a good first half hour, then they grew up. The most important thing, however, is to have found the three points – he said to «Lazio Style’s» microphones -. I still have to see the goal: on the Caicedo bank I saw that two defenders were coming towards me, but I went ahead and I pulled … ». After a long stop Marusic found his place in the right lane and in the end he was diverted to the other wing, instead of Jony, by deputy of Lulic. «I feel much better physically, it doesn’t change right or left. I play where Inzaghi wants, now I have done these three races from the first minute and we must continue like this».