The “Stadion an der Schleißheimer Strasse” may officially call itself Germany’s “Football Pub of the Year”. The corresponding easyCredit Fan Prize of the German Academy of Football Culture will be awarded on Friday, 25th October, as part of a gala in Nuremberg’s Tafelhalle.

Thirty football pubs in the German-speaking area had applied for the award, ultimately the jury decided to elect the chairman. Christof Siemes, cultural reporter of the time, “without a pub visit” and “in a serious meeting”: No competitor can compete with the “Stadium on Schleißheimer Straße” (SADSS).

The reaction of the winners was euphoric. “Altaaa, we really won! It’s like Oscar! Football pub of the year! Overwhelmed Meeeerci to the football cultures in Nuremberg, a tribute to the competitors and – most importantly – a huge thank you to all who have supported us in any way in the 13 years since 2006 and YOU, our guests! Because we would not be without… we are going for joy!” – writes the SADSS team on Facebook.

Frank Mühlbauer, CEO of the TeamBank AG supporting the academy, praised the award winner as “a kind of total work of art. The pub, which is architecturally oriented towards a stadium, has deliberately not dedicated to a particular club, but the entire football. Everyone is welcome, as long as they bring respect, tolerance and fairness.”

It is also highlighted that in addition to the numerous football broadcasts – including American football and Tatort is shown – other events such as readings, the in-house football quiz or lectures by well-known sports authors take place. In addition, the organizers emphasize positive that the two managing partners Holger “Holle” Britzius and Michael “Michel” Jachan not ignore the dark side of the most beautiful trivial thing in the world: So author Ronny Blaschke lectured on neo-Nazis in football and ex-professional Uli Borowka gave an insight into his alcohol addiction.

It is also mentioned that the ambience of radio and TV productions is used as a studio and the operators support social projects. The laudatio at the gala will be taken by juror Jan Henrik Gruszecki, an active football fan with a passion for Borussia Dortmund as well as filmmaker and author.

The only question is, where in the “Stadium on the Schleißheimer road” the price figure “MAX” will find a place. The 5000 Euro prize money will certainly be used well considered.