The commercial in football knows no bounds. A threat scenario could soon become reality.

Actually, one would like to cheerfully call upon these people of Munich: Yes, dear Bayern, then you can go! Build your own league and spare the Bundesliga with your presence! That would also have a lot of good: The master would not be stuck before the season, and the football fan would not be so often confronted with the sometimes very strange world view of Hoeneß, Rummenigge and Co.

But honestly, the situation for such jokes is clearly too sad. And it is less about the deserving FC Bayern Munich and his at least once tested in theory farewell from the national premium league as the fact that the profit and maximization addiction now threatens to finally ruin what once was the good old Bundesliga.

Long threatening scenario

European Super League — for a while this was just a threat scenario for Europe’s big clubs to generate more money. Now the plans seem to be concrete and to become concrete. And so the proof finally proved that the system is sick. Disgustingly ill. Not only in football. A cultural asset threatens to suffocate at the bills that it is able to generate.

Bayern has long been the croos of the league. To miss participating in the Champions League, they would have to play with a six-year-old in goal. The money comes in reliably. But of course there is more to come. As always. Like everywhere. There is such a fine company with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona just the thing, then in even higher frequency to play against the same clubs and thus to banalize what were once holidays of European football to a commonplace.

If it were not so sad then it would be almost funny.

Bayern and BVB without Bundesliga

There are indications of secret plans for a European Super League. 16 top clubs will start from the season 2021/22.

A Bundesliga without record champions Bayern Munich? Even without Borussia Dortmund, which drew the most spectators in a football stadium with almost 80,000 fans per home game in the 2017/18 season? And without Revierderby against Schalke 04? Apparently, this idea is far from being as outlandish as many a follower had thought before. From the season 2021/22 could go to a European Super League (ESL) with 16 teams at the start. Bayern is said to be one of the eleven founding members next to other top clubs, the BVB belong to the five guests who are likely to start in the ESL.

Game mode unclear

This could be a second league with another 16 top teams, so that an ascent and descent with the ESL is possible. A draft of this kind should become a binding declaration of intent with the signature of the 16 topclubs planned this month. This project is based on confidential documents from the platform Football Leaks, which the news magazine «Der Spiegel» received and evaluated with the NDR and the research network EIC.

Uefa apparently not involved

However, the game mode remains in the dark, as well as the question of what effect such a league would have on the Bundesliga and the Champions League of the European Football Association Uefa. The Uefa is apparently not involved in the plans. The European Super League will be organized privately, ie by representatives of the participating clubs. In addition to FC Bayern, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, the five Premier League teams Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool FC and Chelsea, Serie A clubs Juventus and AC Milan as well as Paris Saint-Germain. The guests would include Borussia Dortmund, Atlético Madrid, Inter Milan, AS Roma and Olympique Marseille. Which clubs should start in a second league is unclear.

In the past, there have been repeated threats of Uefa to get more money from the Champions League. The plans for a Super League have apparently existed for more than two years. According to news magazine «Der Spiegel», Michael Gerlinger, Bayern’s chief lawyer, was one of the leaders of the football revolution in 2016 and was already nominated as managing director of the London-based company «Super League Limited».

In the ARD documentary «Football Leaks», lawyer Gerlinger emphasizes: «Uefa has received the message from us: We do not need you.» A privately organized league is especially attractive because the top clubs market their own competition in all areas could.

However, the managers of the participating German clubs were very covered for the now publicized project of a European Super League. The Munich, who have applied with their arena on Thursday as the host for the final of the Champions League in May 2021, announced on request, to know «neither the existence nor the content» of the plans.

European Superliga - Watzke und Hoeness

Watzke sees Brandmauer

«If it came to that, then that would not go without BVB,» said Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke already on 12 October. An exit from the Bundesliga, to which BVB has been a member since 1976, can not be done with him: «The Brandmauer is where the issue could be: We are leaving the Bundesliga. That is inconceivable for BVB. »

This is exactly what Munich Bayern had allegedly tested in 2016. The international law firm Cleary Gottlieb had been instructed under the Football Leaks documents to investigate under what circumstances the club could leave the Bundesliga and the Champions League.