15 competitive games without defeat. The BVB is busy tinkering with the aura of invincibility. In Madrid beckons already on Matchday four of the group victory in the premier class. Where can this lead?

Three games, three wins, 8-0 goals. The balance of BVB in the Champions League is so far pure flowers. We discuss: Can Borussia annoy the big teams in Europe? Two opinions from Bundesonntag.

Yes, BVB is ready — Lucien and the Wilde 11

A train ride that is funny, a train ride, which is nice. The BVB-Express rolls cheerfully through football Europe and so far everything from the way, what it is along the way just to clear out of the way: Bruges. Monaco. Madrid. Next stop: Round of 16 of the Champions League.

Even more impressive than the names of the opponents, who Borussia Dortmund has not left the slightest chance in Group A of the premier class with nine points and 8: 0 goals, is the development of BVB. The 1-0 in Bruges was happy, the 3: 0 against Monaco was sovereign, the 4: 0 against Atletico was intoxicating.

BVB Monaco

The basis for this is the healthy mix of quality, self-confidence and down-to-earthness that BVB has been showing since the summer. Those responsible drew the right conclusions from last year and turned them on the right things — both in the field and in the squad.

In the current phase, the bad preseason is almost a blessing, because it is still very present as a warning example. The team knows how fast it can go in the other direction. And so the fun train ride will continue for a while. Lucien the locomotive driver and the Wilde 11th terminus? Unknown!







No, the BVB still needs time — depth and experience

Slow down with the wild horses! In the Group Stage you may like to dream and speculate which substance is in this impressive series. Without quality in their own ranks, of course, you will not stay on such a stretch as the now 15 games in series undefeated. Everyone in Dortmund, however, would do well to derive no exaggerated expectations for the rest of the Champions League.Because if it goes then after the winter break in the knockout games, similar caliber like Atletico wait in every other round. Then it goes against the elite of Europe. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, maybe even Thomas Tuchel’s Parisians will make it through the winter. And from England come several teams, which are still much better occupied in the width.


The BVB is willing and young, he is modern and has a lot of pace. What many players still lack, however, is experience with tight gameplay when it is Push on the button, if everyone in the collective would have to call their best performance. And this team, which is just at the beginning of the renewal process, has not yet had to overcome a low. But that will almost certainly come.